Ontological Clothesline

Ontological Clothesline: colligraphic prints hanging on rope, umbrella clothes stand, about 5 ft. x 5 ft. There are 4 sides to this work which made it into shows at The Torrance Art Museum, Cal Poly Pomona and San Luis Obisbo, and the Brand Library. I thought of this work when it became public that Arnold Schwarzenegger had fathered a child out of wedlock while being Governor and married to Maria Shriver. Side one is the panties wondering “What is genital maturity? and Is sex life’s dessert?” On the opposite side is the snake, the fig leaf and the pantyhose. So I am a biologist and as a biologist, think about sex as the basis of life itself. So you can wax allegorical about all this. Then the side with the onsie has a prayer snippet, “where time and tears will be not more, and all but love will cease.” Opposite is the shirt with the exhortation to “step into the river of time.” Knowing that the viewer completes the work I will say no more.




© 2020 Carolyn Liesy