In the dawn of prehistory, when I was younger, I spent a summer in a heightened state of awareness sans drugs. I was so exhilarated by the visual world around me, I borrowed a camera and started taking pictures of fields of daisies, Japanese Beetles, dew on the grass. Later I had a series of explicit dreams. In the dreams, the photographs I had taken arrived in collaged compositions that had a form/content relationship. I was not an artist at the time, nevertheless I printed and cut the photos, (way before Photoshop) into the dream compositions. Much later I learned to make prints.

I am always experimenting so my work is on the margins of traditional printmaking practice. And because of this approach, my work does not appear stylistically or thematically consistent. I use a variety of techniques but they all use a plate, a substrate.  I find that the terms mono print and monotype are often confused so I want to be clear that none of this work is made by painting on plexiglass and then printing even though much of my work are unique prints. They are made from collographic or etching or lithographic plates. I tear holes in the paper or reshape the edges because I find creating on a 22x30 inch rectangle a bit confining.

This approach does not make my work immediately accessible. But, basically I am making art for myself and my own aesthetic. At the same time I humbly recognize that the viewer completes the work.



© Carolyn Liesy